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The fight for Net Neutrality is still on.

A friendly reminder that we only need ONE MORE VOTE to say NO to removing the Net Neutrality rules set in place by the FCC.

Please visit Battle for the Net to learn more on how you can keep Net Neutrality in place.


Help fight for Net Neutrality.

As you probably saw by the popup that appeared on the Welcome screen, Net Neutrality is planning to be passed the day before Thanksgiving. This is when people will be distracted and have thanksgiving with their family.

I mean, it's a good thing to celebrate thanksgiving, but you should also be mindful that your internet will also be stripped down around that time.

Please help support Net Neutrality by visiting this website and learn what you can do to stop Ajit Pai from stripping down the Internet forever.


It's here.

The OxiClean v2 update is finally here! It's been a long time-- well, only a couple of weeks (due to laziness), but still, it's here!

I'll likely put a lot more content on here since I'm getting back into webdev. It actually feels nice to be back, to be honest.

Anyways, keep on the lookout for more content on this site in the coming days/weeks/months/whenever I update this site.

Also another section called "music" might pop up on this site sooner or later. I've been thinking of having a tumblr dedicated to obscure music for a while now.