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UPDATE 9/17/16

Hi guys! Sorry for not updating in a long time. I really don't know what to do about the green page. You can submit ideas through my guestbook, if you want.

UPDATE 8/12/16

My ass is burnt right now. Literally. That's because of the 2-day heat we had before a coldfront came in. Doesn't really hurt. I don't even have an AC installed. "Why?" Because we can't afford one.
Anyways I don't really know what to say about the site except for sorry about procrastinating. See ya soon.

UPDATE 7/21/16

The Network Neighborhood disbanded... sad :(. Even though I wasn't a member, I still had conversations in their IRC chatroom and in their Discord.
So, what's happening here? I don't really know. Summer's about to end and I'm about to go to 8th grade. I might not be active on my twitter or my YouTube channel (not that I was active on my YouTube channel to begin with, LOL).

UPDATE 6/6/16

I don't know what to do for the "Adventure" page. By the way, NOT DEAD! You should really subscribble to my YouTube channel. You should also follow my Twitter account. Those two places are where I'm most active. Catch ya on the flipside.

UPDATE 4/17/16

Sorry for not updating this page for a while. I am still alive and kicking, it's that I'm just lazy :P. Anyways, the game on the green tab is not coming anytime soon, so I'm turning it in to my journal for now.

UPDATE 3/6/2016

New cursor, and now VALIDATED! Finally, my webpage is now validated by HTML5 standards. Hooray!

UPDATE 2/15/16

I've been hanging out here at this place recently. If you want to catch me, come see me on stream on Patrick's stream!

UPDATE 2/6/16

Finally, after procrastinating for so long and finishing my book project, I have created my new home on the web!!! YAY!!!

I'll have something else to post here after a while, so keep a close eye out for new content!

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